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"This year’s edition contains a number of important changes and significant new features that makes it an even more valuable tool for sales and marketing organizations, researchers, and others looking for the most up-to-date information on Memphis businesses."

Shelby Sun Times



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Doing Business In Memphis differ from other business-to-business sources?

All of our information is locally gathered, locally verified and updated by data researchers who live and work here in Memphis. We are very lucky to have a dedicated, hard-working team of data researchers who've been with us for a number of years. This group of people is extremely detail oriented, and provide consistency and reliability in an age where dedicated workers are hard to find. 

The task of telephone interviewing thousands of companies each year is not easy. Their job also includes a great deal of re-checking information when it doesn't "sound right," or calling back to speak to a supervisor. It entails a great deal of intuitiveness in getting all the information. And getting it right.

Other national sources with information on Memphis companies compile their information from other locations. As such, their researchers do not have the advantage of knowing the market first-hand. We invite anyone to compare our data for accuracy and depth to lists from any source - whether national  or local.

How often is your information updated?

The Doing Business In Memphis database is a dynamic entity and is updated constantly.  We make changes to the data on a regular basis as we learn of changes, from a variety of sources, in a listing's key personnel, employee size, address, etc. Plus, we are constantly adding new businesses, and deleting others that have closed or moved out of the area.  We survey the entire database by phone once a year to insure the greatest accuracy in the data.

Do you include sales data or revenue figures for the businesses listed in the directory or database?

No. Unless a company is publicly traded and therefore required by SEC regulation to disclose it's sales and revenue data, there is no way to verify the accuracy of the information.  Estimates or guesses by third party data vendors, whether local or national, should  be considered suspect. Private companies rarely choose to accurately disclose sensitive financial and sales data.  

Do you publish email addresses for your listings?

No.  We're opposed to email spam and support efforts within the marketing community to limit unsolicited email marketing, so we choose not to publish individual's or business's email addresses.  

On a common sense level, email solicitation to generic corporate addresses such as "" or "" are not likely to produce results.  Also, many business have installed filters to block incoming email to employees if that email is not from known or permitted domains.

For individual email adresses, since so many people regularly change service providers, targeting personal email addresses such as "" or" is likely to produce as many or more delivery errors than it will completed deliveries of your message.

What are the prices of the eBook and the database?

The Doing Business In Memphis eBook is $199.95 plus 9.25 % Tennessee sales tax plus $6.00 per copy for shipping within the Memphis & Shelby County area. (Your Total: $224.45). For orders from outside Memphis & Shelby County, add $8.50 for shipping & handling.

The full database is $1,150.00 plus sales tax.

A partial database (your choce of criteria) is $350.00 per 1,000 records, plus tax.

What if I only want certain companies? I donít think I need all of them.

No problem. We can customize a database for you. Just give us your parameters: employee size of businesses, ZIP Codes, SIC Codes, Titles (e.g.: President, Owner, CEO, VP Human Resources, Marketing Director, etc.), companies in particular buildings (e.g.: Clark Tower, etc.), or women or minority owned businesses. There are a number of ways we can help you zoom in on your exact target market.  Just call us.   What's the best way to order the directory? If you order the directory and you live in Memphis, you can either call in your order (901.590.0500) or fax it in with a credit card (please go to our Order Page ). We accept VISA, MasterCard or AMEX. You may also mail in your order form with a check. Credit card orders are shipped the same day, as are most check orders.

When you order from outside Memphis, please give us a ring or go to "Order Forms." Credit card orders are always shipped the same day. Orders by check are typically mailed within 24-48 hours. For an extra charge we can ship by UPS or FedEx (or you may have us send it via your account number).

How about ordering the database?

Ordering the database is easy, too. Just call at 901.590.0500 and place your order by phone.

We'll schedule a time to deliver and install the database, and provide any training necessary for those who may not be familiar (or perhaps are just bit rusty) with Microsoft Access.









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